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January 23
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The High Life by niels827 The High Life by niels827
Colorado and Washington made worldwide news by making recreational marijuana legal - the first places to do so outside Uruguay, the Dutch city of Amsterdam, and a small semi-autonomous neighborhood called Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark. You might wonder how they can do this, as it's technically against federal law. Federal law overrides state law, and the government can come into either state and seize any and all marijuana, but the punishments pot smokers will receive would be minimal. The fact of the matter is that they won't. More and more people (the government officials included) are realizing anti-pot legislation and propaganda has done far more harm than good, and the even the president acknowledges that while alcohol and tobacco are legal and potentially fatal, marijuana has never killed anyone, has obvious medicinal benefits and is an antidepressant and a pain inhibitor. While it's also been decriminalized in many other places, it's still treated with Prohibition-era regulation even in many Western countries. Regardless, outlawing it doesn't prevent people from smoking it; in fact, it makes people want to smoke it more. Unfortunately, there are deluded people out there who want to treat it the same way as fatal substances like heroin and cocaine.

Nevertheless, attitudes towards it are softening, and in more liberal areas police never charge anyone who possesses it, and have even been found smoking it themselves while off duty. I tried it once, and never will again. The smell is atrocious and impossible to adapt to. I've been drunk a few times, but never high. It'll probably stay that way. Being high supposedly makes you slow, calm, silly, and able to laugh at everything. I'm already like that when I'm drunk.

Or so I'm told.

So if pot is your thing, live it up like it's 1969 and lose yourself in psychedelic phosphenes.…
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smoke weed every day
THen, their parents came in!

They want some too!
Just like my brother's day. :D
He's a pot smoker too.
My younger brother's stoned beyond comprehension.
Wait you get a load of my elder brother.
He's the biggest I know so far.
AskBrandi1 Feb 16, 2014  New member Student Artist
"Man look at kyle!" XD
VonKellcsiis Feb 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Love those Trey and Matt pictures looking at their characters getting high, lol
Thanks! Glad someone noticed!
BoomyJrlover Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool idea putting Tray Parker and Matt Stone in!!!!!!!!
:iconrodelmadlaplz: :iconclareevansplz: :iconprototype-xenonplz: :iconsaysplz: I remember they made marijuana legal at colorado and washington I think I saw this on the news a few years ago or not that long ago. I don't know. Plus, I think they need to be license if they want a approval of marijuana use. I'm not very accurate with the info. LOL  High-five!
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